So I’m blogging (sic)

The title says pretty much how I feel.

First, SO, I’m blogging. I’m going 20 years old this year. Just dropped out of my undergraduate course in Economics to begin the trip on my first semester in Mathematics. University has been a rich but fuzzy, twisted and inebriated period of my life. Also, I’ve been myself a little fuzzy, a bit twisted, a lot inebriated and certainly not rich during the two years I’ve already spent in it. There has been great experiences, not so great experiences and apparently some experiences which I have no memory of.

But enough about it. I’ve been in general a good student during those two years, but recent events (a very motivating entrepreneurship environment and three research opportunities) shifted me towards hard work and search for excellence. Though I can say this change restricted itself to work – my friends still see me as the person too lazy to get up from the couch and go to sleep in a bed.

Second, so I’M blogging (this is pointless in English and a already capitalized I). I’ve already said a lot about me. More than I’ve planned for this first post, in some sense. Well, my objective in Mathematics is primarily research. I want to know what modern math already knows, what follows from it and why the hell does people instantly recognize S3 by just looking at the semidirect product of C3 by C2. And if I can, leave my contribution to it. It may happen to be the resolution of the Jordan-Hölder program, but I’m happy with way way less. The resolution would be cool tho. That said, this last sentences are a joke. Something I give much thought about are the reasons for studying math and sciences, and though I still haven’t a complete opinion on the subject, ‘glory’ or ‘fame’ are things I look with apprehension. Maybe it’s all a joke. I’m sure I’m a lot funnier in Portuguese.

I guess I forgot to mention that. I’m from Brazil, land samba beaches and Artur Avila. Between me and my mathy friends we have a joke about fantasizing Avila teaching us math at the beach. Let’s hope you don’t read this, Avila, or at least if you do read, know we are in the best of intentions. Also, other than research, I’m very interested in math education (and communication as a hole). Even since high school I’ve had some (much more complete) opinion on how math is taught at our schools. Now, with a two word title (which receives maybe more respect than others with the same level of party frequency and alcohol consumption) and contact with professionals, I can make my opinions not only more complete but also more correct, and thus more applicable-to-something-more-than-Internet-ranting.

Third, so I’m BLOGGING. My first objective with this blog was to get in touch with the math blogosphere (is this how you say it?). One of my three researches is in math education and is not exactly academic research. I’m writing comments, suggestions and classroom activities for my aunt, who is head-mistress at a school in a small city. One of her classes is having a lot of trouble with math, and I’m compiling (and translating) all the material I could find on-line to help her teachers and students to overcome the trouble. I pretend to document part of this process.

Also, my other two researches are possible topics here. Sometimes, they make me feel like an offspring of Emmy Noether with David Hilbert, tutored by the Bourbaki group itself. Sometimes, they make me wanna throw myself from a bridge. But that’s normal, I guess. Just like a total random topic that I may write when I want to write it really really bad.

And last, so I’m blogging (SIC). I’m from Brazil. I speak Portuguese. My keyboard and my Linux distro speaks Portuguese. My auto-corrector speaks Portuguese (apparently a different version than mine). The tests I’ve did on my foreign language course six years ago were in English, but my colleagues and my English teacher also spoke Portuguese. But the nationality-neutral scientific community speaks English, so we’ll settle for that. Better than Latin I guess. I’m also starting French this semester, and may go for German once I’m comfortable. Tl;dr: I has not grammar and I may write wrong sorry.

Oh, and if someone reaches this, welcome!