Chapter 1 (or should it be chapter 4?)

I’m sitting in my (mother’s) desk in my (mother’s) summer house thinking (or should it be procrastinating?) about what I should write next.

I’ve just came back from a trip to the capital of the state (100 km from here) to discuss economy, history and stock market with a market analyst (my mom’s friend) for one of my research topics. The discussion was very rich, which means my advisor now has a new e-mail to read way way bigger than the limits of the ‘healthy’. But I’ll only start working the new ideas on the next week.

I’ve also finished some assignments from a math teacher in the department (whom is to me a research advisor at heart) on group extensions. On his last e-mail, he told me I’ve not properly answered the initial questions, so I’ve rewritten everything for more clarity (and asked my mom to grammar check it and verify it). Which means my advisor-at-heart now has a new e-mail to read way way bigger than the limits of the ‘healthy’, and way way way bigger than what he would like to receive. But again, I’ll only start reading new material on the next week.

This week I need to prepare math classroom activities for 11-years-old using what I’ve learned from tons of web searches and what I haven’t learned from math classes I have not yet taken. Shouldn’t be that hard, yikes! (How do you English/American people use this slang? I feel like I’m comfortable to speak a language only when I can use slangs and ‘swear words’ in the proper context)

I have not written a single word so far. Well, I have. I have written several words of introduction to the material and acknowledgments and citations and translations of motivation articles and etc. But about math classroom activities per subject, not a single word. I’ve written ‘\chapter{Formas geométricas espaciais}’ (geometric three dimensional figures/forms/solids/stuff [?]), which should be the header for my comments on Chapter 1 of the textbook. But LaTeX changed it to ‘Chapter 4’ to remind me of having spent hours writing introductory notes (all of them which my mom grammar checked and verified).

And to quote my self (the initial quote on the material is ‘[insert quote here] – myself’ while I search for a nice, catchy one), so I’m blogging. Again.

I must start writing soon. In five days I’ll be back to Brasília, almost 900 km from my aunt and her school, and will be more difficult to send material and to explain it. I will start it soon. But for some reason I found it to be important to write this post. I feel compelled to get in touch with the math bloggosphere/blogosphere/sphere of blogs. Almost a deep irrational desire. Something in the lines of what you feel in high school when thinking about asking a girl out.

So I’ll leave a question to the manifold of blogs, as it’s normally done. Not like the one you do when asking a girl out, neither the one your mom does to her when you bring that girl home (if such things actually happen before college). However, it has it’s similarities with the crush-girl case: my audience, so far, is imaginary.

Will I start talking to someone on twitter and ask them to reply to my question? Maybe. But now I’m going to Google ‘polytopes’. And for some deity’s sake write something really useful.

I ask, did you also judged yourself and felt like a ‘hipster’ (in the negative sense) when you started blogging? Does it feel that strange to share your life for the first time with strangers, thinking that you could be saying a lot of wrong stuff you don’t really know about to people who really know about it (just like ‘hipsters’, in the negative sense)? Also, is it normal to have your mom behind you, helping you to get your immature stuff together into something presentable, at the age of almost 20 years old?

Thanks for the patience,



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